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Battery Power Tools

Detection of brushless motor rotation

Fast response InSb Hall Effect IC

Fast response InSb Hall Effect IC

Following the worldwide awareness of the impact of climate change, the manafacturers of garden tools are shifting from petrol powered tools to environmental friendly battery power products. This shift to battery power devices brings along some challeges to match the petrol powered devices: Achieve the same power performance *Keep the same usage time To reach this targets, aiming for high efficiency motors is recommended. As the power comsumption is reduced, the battery can be kept in a reasonable size.

Advantages of using fast response InSb Hall Effect IC

Higher motor efficiency

Heat generation is suppressed

Lower power consumption

Reduction of vibration


Use Case|BLDC motor control


A Latch Hall effect IC switches On/Off when the magnetic fields at the N- and the S-pole are applied alternately. These characteristics can be used to detect the rotor position

Configuration example

Typical example with three Hall sensors placed at locations offset by 60 degrees each other on a 4-pole rotor

Merit for power Tools

Longer usage time on a single charge (same battery size as conventional product)

Smaller Battery size (same usage time)
Due to less vibration and heat generation, the burden of the user is decreased, enhancing the work efficiency

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EW-Series Lineup (Examples)

III-V Compound Sensor Technology

AKM has a history of about 40 years as a manufacturer of magnetic sensors, with Hall elements gaining the world’s top market share. Despite many magnetic sensor manufacturers around the world, AKM has gained the top share in the world due to its excellent compound semiconductor design and production technology.

The sensitivity of a Hall element is proportional to the parameter called „electron mobility“ of the semiconductor material that composes the Hall element. III-V compound semiconductors feature higher electron mobility than the silicon (Si) used by many competitors.

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