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The LEONA™ SG grades are injection molding compounds based on PA66 with aromatic content. They are noted for high strength, metal-like performance and excellent processability at very competitive cost.

The Asahi Kasei LEONA™ SG Grades

The LEONA™ SG grades, recently introduced to the European market, are the newest members of the LEONA™ family. These partially aromatic PA grades bring together excellent processability with superior strength and stiffness, better dimensional stability and low water absorption.

Combined with lower warpage, high impact resistance, enduring creep resistance an excellent surface appearance they are perfectly suited as replacement for metal parts, whereby weight is reduced.

Lower Water Absorption

Glossy Appearance

Higher Flowability

Better Dimensional Stability


Superior Strength, Stiffness and Impact resistance

Long Term higher Creep Resistance

LEONA™ SG Advantages

The LEONA™ SG-grades feature excellent metal-like mechanical performance paired with a superb surface quality and very good cost performance.


Application areas

The major use of LEONA™ SG includes:
– Automotive applications for metal replacement such as mirror brackets, wiper arms and pedal brackets.
– General applications such as motor housings, window fittings, metal hinges and so on.

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